Slang is the most powerful language expression among young people. Every new generation invents its own slang. They reject previous generation’s slang and invent new slang word. Slang is usually discovered in our college year.  A large amount of slang doesn’t give an exact meaning of the word. It depends on in our peripheral status. Most of the college boy used slang and they are perfect in it, as a means of existing to a group. If you want to develop your slang vocabularies, you have to practice a lot. Moreover, in Nepal, the slang is not popular like USA, Australia, and another European country. The English language contains a huge heap of slang. In the present context, I found some slang in their novel too. In addition, the slang is powerful spoken language, it is very difficult to effectively learn and practices because it is more difficult t find and is used by people of all ages and social groups. Although, it may be common in young people.

slang can be regional that is used only in a particular territory (terai, paahaad and himal).  We found many types of slang like trekking slang, college slang, and community slang. In some country older people tend to use rhyming slang more, such as" dog and bone " for phone, etc. there are so many, that it would be impossible to list and example or even list the types.

I think you would like my little collection of slang word which we apply in daily life. Actually, it is not more slang in Nepal, it is expected like colloquial. if you know other slang words, you can suggest me below.

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